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For safe transport and stable storage


No more slipping: improvement of the anti-slip function >0.8µD. Fulfils highest requirements for safe transport.


Play it safe: High product and wear protection.


No fear of controls: Due to the high coefficient of sliding friction the legal requirements are more than fulfilled.


Time-saving: The complicated laying out, sometimes even sticking or tacking of anti-slip mats is no longer necessary.

Unbeatable – LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIPBEAM offer the highest functional values of a PU surface in terms of sliding friction coefficients and load-bearing capacity.


This makes LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIPBEAM more superior to conventional loading scantlings/beams!

100% Made in Germany: LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIPBEAMS are manufactured fully automatically in quality assured processes in Germany and certified by DEKRA and …

Product details and features




Coated scantlings/beams for safe transport and stable storage of cargo/goods


Customer benefits:


  • Easy and fast loading
  • High coefficient of friction combined with corresponding slip resistance due to surface structure
  • Elastic and noise-insulating
  • tested coefficient of friction according to VDI 2700, sheet 14 μD > 0.80
  • Shore A hardness > 83 A
  • Chemical resistance: against de-icing salts, car oils, diesel, etc.


Application possibilities:


  • Load securing for long goods
  • Safety for transport containers of all kinds

Examples of applications


With LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIPBEAMS (and LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIPFLOORS / WISA TopGrip) you save time and money. A complicated and sometimes dangerous laying of anti-slip mats is no longer necessary.

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