Putting events on safe ground


Time is money: quickly laid. About 300m²/hour can be laid with only 2 persons.


Not only superficial: adapts perfectly to any surface.


No more sliding: Meets the highest safety requirements.


WinWinWin: Reasonably priced, requires little storage space and has low transport costs (1 truck holds up to 2400m²)

LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® puts your event on safe ground – and your guests too! LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® adapts flexibly to the ground, is highly resilient and versatile. Especially suitable for lawn, sand and earth. Perfect protection for the underground at events.


LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® is weatherproof, resilient and can be driven over at short notice for light devices/vehicles.


LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® can be laid quickly and easily and is immediately accessible, slip and step-proof.

100% Made In Germany: The LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® components are manufactured fully automated in quality assured processes in Germany. Your advantage is that the comprehensive certificates from TÜV and the professional association regarding slip resistance can be adopted without further tests on site.

for large events


LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® is ideal for large areas


application: Trade fairs, events, tournaments, garden parties, concerts, etc.

Advantages: It is quickly installed, protects the floor and provides guests with barrier-free access and a secure footing. The flexible individual elements allow obstacles to be easily converted. The closed surface is an optical highlight, but still provides optimal protection of the ground.




LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® perfect as road surface at your events


Application: sports events, tournaments, garden events, public festivals, camping facilities, etc.


Advantages: Due to the patented locking system, the Event Grip is quickly installed. Small unevenness and bumps are no problem. The perfect system for temporary path pavements. Your guests will get from A to B safely and with dry feet.

LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® as lawn protection


LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® protects your lawn at events


Application: garden parties, park parties, sports events, concerts in stadiums, etc.


Advantages: Thanks to the conical holes in the Event Grip, the lawn is supplied with sufficient light and oxygen during use. It is avoided that the lawn turns yellow. The special undersurface structure prevents the system from digging deep into the ground and damaging it.

With the patented clamp system, LOGIS EVENT-GRIP® is easy to install, no fixing to the substrate is necessary: lay, connect, immediately walk and drive over.

The connecting clips can be connected to the foot or the LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® clip lifter. The clips are opened with the clip lifter or a screwdriver – fast and easy.

Special edge wedges are used to ensure barrier-free access and avoid tripping hazards.

LOGIS EVENT-GRIP® on pallets allow easy storage and safe transport.


LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® is suitable for indoor and outdoor use:


  • Particularly gentle to the lawn
  • Resilient and can be driven over with light equipment / vehicles at short notice
  • Light, air and water permeable due to conical drainage holes
  • Weather- and UV-resistant
  • Fast laying due to patented clamp system (approx. 300m²/hour with 2 men)

Technical details:


  • Assembled plates 1.000 x 1.000 x 22mm
  • Single plate 248 x 248 x 22mm
  • Weight 7,5kg/m²
  • Packaging unit 50 ready-made boards of 1m² / 50 boards per pallet (= 50m²)
  • Material: colored: polyethylene (PE) / black: recycled polyethylene (PE)
  • Patented clamp system
  • Surface structure: Pyramid studs (2 x 2mm)
  • Slip resistance: R10 (according to BGR181, DIN 51130)
  • Displacement space: V10 (according to BGR181, DIN 51130)
  • Color: black, other colors on request
  • Additional products: wedges with/without clip (color: black) 248 x 92 x 22 (5)mm, LOGIS system pallet: 1.200 x 1.200 x 1.350mm

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