The DIY anti-slip floor coating package



Your business advantage: faster and safer loading, even in the rain




No more slipping: improvement of the anti-slip function up to 0.63µD. Thus fulfills requirements for safe transport




Smart and individual: according to the DIY principle, LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE® can be applied in your own workshop

In addition to constantly rising cost and time pressure, there are increasingly complex requirements for load safety and increasingly restrictive legislation.


The basis of any load securing is the floor. In a truck, 50% of the load must be secured in the transverse direction and against the direction of travel – in the direction of travel even against 80%. These values are already achieved by our LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE® with a sliding friction coefficient of up to 0.63µD.


This means that only a few lashing straps are required for tie-down lashing to prevent, for example, loads from tipping or wandering. If the load is secured against twisting by positive locking (e.g. at the end wall), a lashing belt with the appropriate pretensioning force may also be sufficient.

LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE® – Reduce costs, save time and increase safety: The innovative load floor coating that reliably secures loads to the floor.


Tested and certified safety: Tested and certified according to VDI 2700 part 14 by TÜV NORD:

LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE® in detail

The innovative non-slip coating for loading platforms


LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE® – Production of the anti-slip loading floor coating


Material description: LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE® is a manually applied, highly elastic, abrasion-resistant, solvent-free floor coating on a 2-component plastic basis. The coating system consists of the adhesion promoter, the coating, suitable bedding material and the sealant.


Fields of application: LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE® is used as a sound-absorbing, non-slip and wear-resistant coating of: Truck floors, cold store floors, dock levellers, etc.

EXTRACT from the processing of LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE®

Surface preparation


The surfaces to be coated must be clean, solid, dry and free of oil, grease and other impurities. Damp floors must be dried beforehand.

Grind surfaces (grain 40/60) and remove dust, corroded metallic substrates must be sandblasted, if possible. The panel joints must be sealed with 1C PUR sealing compound. Do not use silicone sealing compounds! If other substrates are to be coated, please consult us.


Mixing the components


The individual materials (adhesion promoter, coating, sealant) are supplied in the correct ratio of component A and component B. When mixing the components, please note the following:

First stir component A mechanically. Pour component B into the container of component A. Make sure that component B runs out completely. Partial quantities can be portioned in the correct mixing ratio using a balance (observe data sheet).

To achieve a homogeneous consistency and intensive mixing, the two components must be thoroughly mixed with a slow-running stirrer at approx. 300 rpm. The bottom and edge areas of the mixing vessel must also be covered. The mixing process must be carried out until a homogeneous, streak-free condition is achieved, but for at least 2 minutes. Do not use material from the delivery container. After thorough mixing, decant into a second, clean container and mix again for 1 minute. The temperature of the two components should be between 15 and 25 °C during mixing (see also Technical Data Sheets).



Application sequence


Align surfaces to be coated horizontally!
Filling, sanding and cleaning of the surfaces to be coated
Seal joints between floor plates with 1-component PUR sealing compound
Masking the surfaces to be protected with fabric adhesive tape (50 mm wide) and edge sealing cord 3 x 9 mm to prevent the coating from overflowing
Mix the bonding agent in the correct mixing ratio and apply to the screen printing plates using a short pile roller. Only mix as much as can be processed in the specified time. Avoid puddle formation. Flash-off time 90 minutes – 240 minutes!
Mix the coating and pour evenly onto the primed floor. Then distribute with squeegee/toothed spatula 4×4 mm (consumption: approx. 2.5 kg/m²)


To produce the non-slip version, the scattering material is first evenly scattered 5 minutes after application and distribution of the coating compound, with a scattering device or by hand. After a further 30 minutes, this process must be repeated for the second time. Depending on the temperature, the strewing material is evenly scattered every 10-15 minutes (temperatures above 25° every 10 minutes) until the excess sand remains visibly on the surface and does not sink any further. The coated surfaces can already be walked on after 10-12 hours. After the coating has cured, remove the excess granulate. Mix the sealant and apply evenly to the sanded surface using a short pile roller (avoid puddle formation!). This hardens the filled surface and gives it its UV and weather protection. After application, the material must be protected from direct water exposure until it has hardened (approx. 6 hours), otherwise the coating will foam on the surface. Then remove the edge seal and the adhesive tapes and clean the floor surfaces.


LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE® is now ready for use!

Complete loading area panel van

Detail view flat loading area

Detailed view with bedding

Secured, tested and certified

Complete loading area semi-trailer curtain sider


  • Loading with load closure at right angles to the direction of travel can be partially omitted. Your advantage: time saving
  • It is not necessary to lay out anti-slip mats on the floor. It also reduces the risk of accidents for your employees. Your advantage: time saving and safety!
  • Lashing down only with two lashing belts. Your advantage: time saving!
  • Sliding friction coefficient up to 0.63µD (wooden pallet). Your advantage: safety!
  • Tested and certified by TÜV Nord according to VDI 2700, sheet 14. Your advantage: Tested safety!
  • Costs for lashing straps and anti-slip mats can be saved. Your advantage: Cost saving!
  • LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE® can be driven on with industrial trucks. Your advantage: Quick loading, thus saving time!

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