Get your business ready for takeoff with Logis Grips® Hygiene-Products

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Further LOGIS GRIPS® products: Innovative specialty coatings for surfaces and floors, including antiviral, antislip, noise reduction and floor protection systems.

Stress with the authorities?

85% noise reduction during loading with LOGIS GRIPS® Silence Plus. The silencer coating for loading and drive-over ramps.

Silencer plates for drive-over and loading ramps 

Application: Noise reduction and slip resistance for drive-over and loading ramps.
Properties: Reduces noise by approx. 85%, i.e. 25 dB, high slip resistance R12, easy self-installation.

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Delivery pressure and not enough drivers?

Save time and load faster. The LOGIS GRIPS® Antislip Products make it possible.

Loading Security

Application: Anti-slip and wear protection for vehicle floors and transported goods. Loading beam with anti-slip coating for securing between cargo. Stable storage.
Properties: Without plasticizers, high sliding friction values, high slip resistance, resilience, high functional values, partly self-adhesive.

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No desire for rejects because of damage?

LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT significantly extends the service life of surfaces such as steel

Wear and product protection

Application: Self-adhesive wear and product protection, noise reducing, impact protection, suitable for heavy loads.
Properties: Without plasticizers, self-adhesive or magnetic, high sliding friction values, high slip resistance, resilience, high functional values.

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Do objects and people slip and slide?

LOGIS GRIPS® Antislip Pads & Strips deliver what they promise!

Antislip Pads & Strips

Application: Anti-slip pads for safe grip, bases for different devices or utensils, protection against wear and tear.
Properties: Self-adhesive, without plasticizers, high sliding friction values, high slip resistance, resilience, high functional values.

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In- or Outdoor-Events that need to stand on solid ground?

LOGIS GRIPS® Floorprotectionsystems are the perfect protection for the floor and subsoil.


Application: Floor protection at trade fairs, tournaments, walkway surfacing, garages, warehouse logistics, halls, children’s playgrounds, landscaping and gardening, construction sites, production halls, and much more.
Properties: High slip resistance, high load capacity, high wear protection, trafficable, quick laying, flexible and versatile, and much more.

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A complex and costly soil remediation is pending?

LOGIS GRIPS® Industry saves time and money!

Industrial/hall floor renovation

Application: Especially for floor renovations, garages, halls, tents, construction sites, warehouse logistics, workshop, and much more.
Properties: Loadable, easy to assemble and disassemble, ready for immediate use, highly loadable, trafficable, insulating, ventilating, chemical resistant, and much more.

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Are you looking for liquid coatings to apply yourself?

LOGIS GRIPS® liquid coatings for different requirements!

Liquid Coatings

Application: Loading floor coatings, anti-slip coatings with high anti-slip value R13, anti-graffiti coatings.
Properties: liquid coatings, high coefficients of sliding friction, high slip resistance, application partly without great effort.

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All coatings undergo product testing and are certified by:
3G Europäisches Kompetenzzentrum Ladungssicherung, BG, DGUV, DEKRA, DkkS, TÜV NORD, TÜV Rheinland, EUROVIR Hygiene-Labor, DERMATEST GmbH and INTERTEK.

Why LOGIS GRIPS® Products?

  • LOGIS GRIPS® components are manufactured fully automatically in quality-assured processes in Germany.
  • The comprehensive certificates from 3G Kompetenzzentrum GmbH, DEKRA, TÜV and the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association regarding slip resistance can be accepted without further testing on site.
  • Improvement of the slip resistance according to DIN 51130 of the surface up to R13 (slip resistance). Thus meets the highest requirements for safe loading.
  • Tested and certified coefficients of sliding friction up to 0.9µD. Thus meets the highest requirements for safe transport.
  • LOGIS GRIPS® ANTIRUTSCHBODEN / WISA TopGrip, LOGIS GRIPS® ANTIRUTSCHBODEN PLUS / WISA TopGrip GR are eligible for up to 80% de minimis funding.
  • Available for all vehicle surfaces, exterior and interior.
  • Multiple areas of application in a wide variety of trades.
  • Quality is a top priority: highly resistant to weather, salt and chemicals.
  • No downtime: Fast assembly on site.
  • Project-related contacts.
  • More flexible business: load earlier in the morning and longer in the evening without the fear of disturbing residents with noise.
  • Carefree working: Hearing protection against noise is no longer necessary.


Product testing and certification by: 3G European Competence Center Load Securing, BG, DGUV, DEKRA, DkkS, TÜV NORD and TÜV Rheinland.

LOGIS develops quality at the highest level!


TOP 100 Innovator in 2022, 2018 and 2008


LOGIS GROUP has been successfully developing projects that require innovative solutions for over 30 years.


LOGIS GROUP has successfully implemented different projects worldwide and was nominated and awarded as one of the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. In 2018 and 2008, LOGIS AG was also among the 100 most innovative companies and received an award in each case.


LOGIS AG was also honored in 2021 under the category “Heroes of Medium-Sized Businesses” by the magazine WirtschaftsWoche.

More information to LOGIS GRIPS® products

The latest product from the LOGIS GRIPS® product family: LOGIS GRIPS® Antimicrobial Film is a transparent, self-adhesive film for long-term protection of surfaces against > 99% of all enveloped viruses and bacteria. LOGIS GRIPS® antimicrobial film has a triple effect on the surface: pore tightness seals the surface, surface tension prevents the adhesion of viruses and bacteria and the effect kills viruses and bacteria. The effectiveness of LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil has been tested and confirmed by the Eurovir® Hygiene Laboratory. The skin compatibility was dermatologically confirmed with EXCELLENT, by DERMATEST®.


All components of the LOGIS GRIPS® product families are manufactured fully automatically in quality-assured processes in Germany. They have been developed in cooperation with TÜV, DEKRA, 3G European Cargo Securing Competence Center, BAG, 3A Composites and Lohmann, among others.


Your advantage is the comprehensive certificates from TÜV, DEKRA, 3G European Competence Center for Load Securing and the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association regarding slip resistance. These can be adopted without further testing on site.


LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE and LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE PLUS for loading/driving over ramps, are anti-drumming protection. LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE PLUS reduces noise by approximately 85 percent, or 25 dBA. This will provide more flexible loading times without inconveniencing residents. In addition, an improvement of the anti-slip function of the loading ramp surface to R12 (according to DIN 51130) is achieved, even in wet conditions.


The solution is ideal for noise reduction in warehouses, handling facilities and terminals. LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE PLUS is already used by well-known companies in large distribution producers.


LOGIS GRIPS® products for vehicle floors are offered as LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIP COATING and LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIP COATING PLUS adhesive film as original equipment. Furthermore, for retrofitting or renovation of the loading floor for vehicles with smooth, flat floor. LOGIS GRIPS® ANTIRUTSCHBODEN sowie LOGIS GRIPS® ANTIRUTSCHBODEN PLUS (mit Hartkorneinstreuung) mit Holzplatte, sind für Fahrzeuge mit Ladefläche und Anhänger mit hoher Belastung. This also includes the WISA TopGrip anti-slip floor (manufactured by LOGIS). LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE LIGHT, LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE LIGHT PLUS (+ hard grain interspersion) with aluminum plate, for vehicles with slightly uneven or worn floors. The LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIP BEAMS is used for loading steel pipes and panels. The products have extreme adhesive strength and withstand very high shear forces. Adheres to aluminum and steel. LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIP BEAMS are suitable for safe transport and stable storage.


LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT, LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT and LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT FLEX are product and wear protection either with adhesive film or magnetic, with or without foam. LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT without foam, can be used very versatile as wear protection. The surface also has an anti-slip property. LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT, with foam is used to protect products during transport, among other things. Due to the closed surface coating, an anti-slip function is also given here. LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT FLEX with foam, is extremely flexible and malleable due to its overspray surface and can therefore also be applied over corners. A perfect solution in the field of transport and logistics.

LOGIS GRIPS® products have a high, DEKRA-certified coefficient of sliding friction of up to > 0.9µD and slip resistance of up to class R13 (employers’ liability insurance association).


A TÜV-tested noise reduction of 85% (25dBA) has been determined by expert opinion for LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE PLUS.


All LOGIS GRIPS® components are quick to apply on site, self-adhesive and easy to assemble without professional help. They have a long service life and high load capacity. They are resistant to de-icing salts, diesel and automotive oils and have a very high temperature resistance.


All products are available as sheets, rolls, tiles or as individual cuts. As well as available as PLUS variant (with hard grain sprinkling) for all loading areas that are exposed to wetness (especially building material vehicles / transport).


The main fields of application are vehicle and container floors for load securing. Drive-over/loading ramps in warehouses as well as distributors, handling facilities and terminals. As selective securing of loads and packaging, impact and wear protection of valuable or loaded surfaces. Anti-slip pads and strips for furniture, floors, stairs, boats, yachts, sports, etc.


The LOGIS GRIPS® product range is ideally suited for semi-trailers, electric tractors, (horse) trailers, box bodies, swap bodies, construction material vehicles or trucks with open loading areas, vans, delivery/distribution vehicles and small trailers.


Customer benefits include high cost-effectiveness with maximum performance. Also to comply with legal requirements for noise reduction (e.g. Dutch PIEK regulation) and load securing, as well as faster and safer processes such as loading and unloading. In addition, cost savings through better working conditions, durable materials, weight reduction and accelerated processes.


LOGIS GRIPS® Floor Protection Systems can be used in many areas. Assembly and disassembly of all floor protection systems is simple and requires only a few people.


Logis-Event-Grip® puts events on safe ground. Logis-Extreme-Grip® is a heavy-duty, temporary floor protection, especially in the area of heavy-duty vehicles. Logis-Protect-Grip® protects substrates against wear in all weather conditions. Logis-Multi-Grip® protects heavy traffic floors and Logis-Ergo-Grip® is the ergonomic floor at the workplace. Furthermore, LOGIS is a representative for Belmondo® Stable Flooring Systems for boxes, stable aisles, lying areas, horse walkers and paddocks.


All LOGIS GRIPS® Products are “Made in Germany”!