Protects heavily used floors with high traffic loads


Time is money: quickly laid.


Not only on the surface: adapts perfectly to any substrate.


No more sliding: Meets the highest safety requirements.


WinWinWin: Inexpensive to purchase, requires little storage space and has low transport costs

logis multi grips bodenplatte



LOGIS-MULTI-GRIP® is ideal for large areas, also as hall flooring.


LOGIS-MULTI-GRIP® is multifunctional and is excellently suited as a hall floor due to its elasticity, high load-bearing capacity and chemical resistance. It is resistant to many acids and alkalis and is flame retardant.


Advantages: It is quick to install, protects the floor and ensures barrier-free access and a secure footing. The flexible individual elements allow obstacles to be easily converted. The closed surface is a visual highlight, but still ensures optimum protection of the floor.

logis multi grip garagenboden

As garage floor

As factory floor

As temporary building site floor

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