Heavy-duty, temporary floor protection


Time is money: quick assembly and disassembly!


Simply strong: High load capacity!


No more sliding: Meets the highest safety requirements!


Easy to clean: Very easy cleaning!


WinWinWin: Reasonably priced, reusable and recyclable!

LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® LIGHT, STRONG and HEAVY are heavy-duty, temporary floor protection systems.


In addition to standard floor systems, LOGIS also offers individually manufactured floor systems for a wide range of requirements. Together with the customer, the most sensible and economical solution is developed. Which system from the LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® product group you choose depends on your requirements, the application and the degree of load.


As a mobile driveway, LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® floor systems enable a fast, safe and flexible driveway on unpaved ground and are ideally suited for car parks, parking areas and work platforms in difficult terrain.

LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® floor protection systems are efficient, cost-effective and professional in their application. They prevent high recultivation costs and damage to vehicles and machinery.


All LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® designs are easy to install, provide a high level of safety and are weatherproof, non-slip, and heat and frost resistant. LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® floor protection systems are flame retardant, have a high chemical resistance and are very easy to clean due to a new design of the underside.


LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® is available in 3 versions: LIGHT, STRONG and HEAVY.


for example: Stables, access routes, production and storage halls




LOGIS-EXTREM-GRIP® light is easy and quick to install. The circumferential fold groove connects the individual panels with each other and prevents horizontal shifts. The panels are characterised by high chemical resistance and are flame retardant.


LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® light brings colour and exclusivity to your events. The addition of edge wedges prevents tripping hazards and enables barrier-free passage for wheelchairs, walkers or prams.


Possible applications are among others:


LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® light is extremely stable and is excellently suited as a covering in stable alleys or horse walkers. It can be laid quickly and offers the horse very good stability.


LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® light is a very good floor e.g. for garages. It can be driven on, is chemically resistant and provides good thermal insulation.



LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® light with coin surface as floor for warehouses. LOGIS also offers a coin profile as an alternative surface to the so-called stone look. The optic is more technical, the properties are identical. The coin profile surface is very easy to clean.


Dimensions 800 x 600 x 22 mm, weight: 11.50 kg, load: up to 2 to/dm².


for example: parking areas, turning areas, event areas, landscaping, storage and logistics


LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® strong is a highly durable temporary floor protection. It can be used by trucks of up to 24 tons.


LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® strong is easy to install. The individual panels are secured against lateral displacement by the circumferential fold groove. Additional fastening is not necessary. The panels are flame retardant and have a high chemical resistance. LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® strong is very easy to clean due to a new design of the underside.


Due to its high load-bearing capacity, quick assembly and disassembly, and easy cleaning, LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® strong is perfectly suited for temporary roads and parking areas. Especially suitable for roadshows, outdoor events in open terrain.


LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® strong is very well suited for animal husbandry, even heavy animals: It is easy to clean and therefore hygienic, quick and easy to lay and can therefore be flexibly adapted to the requirements of zoos and animal parks. On LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® strong the animals have a safe and comfortable stand, which significantly reduces the risk of injury.


Available in two sizes:


Strong small

Dimensions: 800 x 600 x 43 mm

Weight: 18 kg

Load: up to 3.3 to/dm²


for example: Construction and renovation, work platforms, event events




LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® heavy are large-surface, non-slip and elastic off-road slabs, suitable for use by heavy-duty and crane vehicles.


With a surface load-bearing capacity of up to 1,000 to/m², this floor system is ideally suited for site roads or work platforms, both temporary and in continuous use. Variable and quickly laid, securely connected with stable shackles. A large selection of support plates, dimensions, anchorages and connections allows us to meet individual customer requirements. Special curve plates are available for radii! A combination of different raw materials (material mix) allows to replace conventional floor systems such as excavator mats, tracks made of steel plates or similar.


LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® heavy is many times lighter and can be laid quickly. Due to the relatively low weight of the panels, the loading capacity of a truck can be better utilised. This reduces transport costs considerably.


Possible applications are:


Temporary access routes for heavy and heaviest equipment (mobile cranes)
Work platforms for drilling, construction and production technology
Temporary parking areas and access roads
Construction and renovation measures


Available in two sizes:


Heavy 10

Dimensions: 3,000 x 1,500 x 24 mm

Weight panel/m²: 126 kg / 28 kg

max. area load: up to 500 to/m²


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Heavy 25

Dimensions: 4.000 x 2.000 x 39 mm

Weight panel/m²: 330 kg / 41 kg

max. area load: up to 1,000 to/m²










  • Very good thermal insulation and chemical resistance
  • Simple and quick installation
  • High stability and slip resistance
  • Easy cleaning of the underside due to hemispherical shape

Especially suitable for :


  • Construction sites
  • Mobile parking spaces
  • Turning areas
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Stables
  • Garden
  • Landscaping
  • Stock
  • Logistics

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