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Self adhesive product protection


Play it safe: High product protection with foam layer, self-adhesive or magnetically adhesive.


You wish, we offer: Pre-assembled in various sizes and shapes, individual cuts possible.


Premium quality: LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT is made of the highest quality material without softeners.

Unbeatable – the patented LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT technology offers the highest functional values of a PU surface in combination with foam and a self-adhesive base on the market. This makes LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT miles superior to conventional solutions.


If you want to apply the best product protection properties yourself quickly and remove them easily after use, LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT is the best choice!

Available in all shapes: Square, round or individual, applicable as product protection during transport, production or storage. Available as self-adhesive or magnetic.


100% Made in Germany: LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT is manufactured fully automatically in quality assured processes in Germany and certified by:

logis grips protect soft

Product details and application





Customer benefits:


  • Easy and fast processability
  • Precise cutting to size possible with standard cutting tools
  • High impact protection
  • High coefficient of friction combined with corresponding slip resistance due to surface structure
  • Elastic and noise-insulating
  • Chemical resistance: against de-icing salts, car oils, diesel, etc.

Secure storage

Noise absorbing

Impact protection

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Self-adhesive or magnetically adhesive industrial product protection for various applications.


The LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT components are manufactured fully automatically in quality assured processes in Germany.

  • Highest safety through elastic impact protection
  • High load capacity with low weight
  • Pre-assembled available in various sizes and shapes, individual cuts also possible
  • For a wide range of applications: e.g. transport boxes, pallets, box bodies, loading beams, shelving systems
  • Self adhesive for easy application
  • High product and wear protection, also with additional foam layer
  • Quality has top priority: Highly resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals


What do you have to consider when gluing the products?

Application is done according to the installation instructions. You can take these from our download area. It must be ensured that the substrate is clean, dry, as even as possible and free of grease.

LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT can be positioned quite well by rolling it out and cutting it to size.

Is the system certified?

Yes, LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT are certified All properties have been tested by various testing institutes for different characteristics. Of course we can send you the certificates. Please simply send us a message.

How long does the material last in terms of abrasion?

Apart from mechanical damage requiring repair, LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT are very durable.

Does the material stain?

No, LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT do not stain any surface.

Is a residue-free removal of the material possible or how are residues removed?

LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT can be removed by peeling off the entire covering. If adhesive residues remain, these can be removed very easily with weak organic solvents such as isopropanol or ethyl ester.

In which sizes is LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT available?

LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT is available in the maximum size of 1.250 x 5.000 mm.

Is LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT also available in other dimensions?

Yes, LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT is also available in your desired dimensions. You can also cut LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT yourself using a cutter knife.

How does the surface behave with regard to food?

The surface is food safe, but not food safe.  It can be used for the transport of food. However, there is no approval for direct contact with food.

Is LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT suitable for any surface?

Yes, LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT can be applied to any surface. We do not use plasticizers that destroy plastics.

Are LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT suitable for electrical appliances? What happens when LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT get hot?

LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT SOFT can be used for any equipment without any concerns. The material withstands temperatures from -40° to +80° degrees without any problems.


Yes, the surfaces can be easily cleaned by sweeping and/or with a high-pressure cleaner. This is also recommended at regular intervals to maintain safety.

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