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Innovations are developed in the in-house research department and manufactured at our own production sites in Germany. Short distances, a close-meshed customer network and goal-oriented communication make us a competent and appreciative partner.


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With the combination of experience, expertise and an active hands-on mentality, we pursue the goal of creating long-lasting partnerships.

One of our specialties is the development of innovative coating processes. Depending on the application, we look for durable and customer-oriented coating solutions. We design the process, the materials and the systems and equipment necessary for coatings.


Our customers can rely on decades of experience. Describe your application to us, we will be happy to advise you!

Advantages of LOGIS GRIPS® coating-products:


  • Seamless
  • Waterproof
  • Does not deform and extremely stretchable
  • Does not break
  • Noise absorbing
  • Vibration damping
  • Oil, acid and fuel resistant
  • Maintenance-free and easy to clean

Wear and product protection

You have your own design, manufacture your basic bodies yourself and are looking for wear protection or effective product protection?


Wear protection: For steel and aluminum constructions LOGIS GRIPS® Protect protects against wear. LOGIS GRIPS® PROTECT is also sound-absorbing, abrasion-resistant and e.g. also anti-adhesive. In the mineral fibre industry, highly abrasion-resistant injection elastomers are required for extraction systems. In the gravel and sand industry, our special LOGIS GRIPS® Protect systems are used for tipper bodies, screw conveyors, vibrating channels and hoppers. A simple and cost effective solution, without acquisition costs for coating plants.

Our LOGIS GRIPS® Protect Soft and LOGIS GRIPS® Protect Soft Plus with surface structure are used especially for impact protection, noise insulation, packaging and load carriers. They are the optimal product protection, as well as wear protection, sound insulation, non-slip and abrasion resistant.

Logis-Grips-Antirutschstreifen anwendung

Loading Security

Are you looking for simple and efficient load securing for e.g. truck trailers and loading areas in commercial vehicles?


Coatings for loading areas and tail lifts in commercial vehicles must meet many requirements: slip-resistant, noise-insulating and wear-resistant.


We offer you several solutions which can also be applied subsequently.


The LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIPFLOOR is the optimal solution for truck trailers. This can be installed directly by the vehicle manufacturer or retrofitted. For open platforms, especially in the area of building material transport, the LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIPFLOOR Plus with hard grain bedding is the optimal solution.

For the safe transport and stable storage of goods, our LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIPBEAM is a safe solution.

Simple, fast and extremely efficient are our LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIPCOATING for securing goods e.g. in vans. If safety for people and goods is required – keyword: sure-footedness – then LOGIS GRIPS® ANTISLIPCOATING Plus with surface structure are best.

logis Grips® Pads & Stripes

Anti-slip pads and stripes

Are you looking for an optimal solution to secure objects that should stand stable and not slip?


LOGIS GRIPS® Padsoffer top performance without softeners, so they leave no traces of abrasion! They are elastic and noise-insulating, come in various cuts and have a coefficient of sliding friction tested according to VDI 2700 – sheet 14. Fields of application e.g. logistics warehouses, production lines, technical equipment of all kinds, workshop equipment, office equipment, household and garden, etc.

For the sake of the environment – LOGIS GRIPS® Ecopads – corrugated board anti-slip stickers made of biodegradable and anti-slip material based on renewable raw materials. LOGIS GRIPS® Ecopads are tested according to VDI 2700 ff and current DIN EN 12195 1 and can be perfectly used in the field of cardboard transport.

LOGIS GRIPS® Stripesare an unbeatable solution for a safe step in terms of slip resistance and load-bearing capacity. LOGIS GRIPS® Stripes offer the highest functional values ​​in combination with a self-adhesive base. LOGIS GRIPS® Stripes prevent slipping accidents and the resulting consequential costs. Also excellently suited for non-slip floor marking in workshops, production areas and warehouses.

logis grips silence vorher nachher anwendung


Do you have problems with the booming noise of the ramps during loading and unloading? Are you looking for a noise-reducing solution?


The latest generation of anti-drumming surfaces!


The silencer for your loading and drive-over ramps. This is exactly what the revolutionary LOGIS GRIPS® Silenceand LOGIS GRIPS® Silence Plus steel plate technologies are. Once screwed on, the noise is reduced by approx. 85 percent, ie 25 dB. Loading and unloading noise is a disturbing source of noise – and is also perceived as deliberately disturbing by the population. Studies have shown that constant noise pollution makes people ill.

The LOGIS GRIPS® Silence Lightand LOGIS GRIPS® Silence Light Plus (with interspersion) aluminum composite plate for noise reduction reduce noise and ensure a safe step. The lightweight aluminum composite panel can be used in a variety of applications where noise must be reduced and weight is an issue.


Floor protection systems

Are you looking for perfect protection for the floor and subsoil on your construction site or to put your event on solid ground? Are you looking for a resilient floor for medical facilities?


LOGIS GRIP® Floor Protection Systems can be used in many areas to protect floor and subsoil.


LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® is additionally ergonomic and ensures a safe position.

For heavy traffic or heavy-duty vehicles, LOGIS-EXTREME-GRIP® and LOGIS-MULTI-GRIP® are the best temporary floor protection.

LOGIS-EVENT-GRIP® is the best choice for a firm hold on floors and surfaces at events.

To protect the floor from damage, the special LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® is the solution.

LOGIS GRIPS® Industrialfloor is the efficient solution for a floor in facilities that needs to be laid quickly and easily. The floor is particularly suitable for redesigning existing facilities for temporary medical purposes, such as hotels, exhibition or sports halls.


Liquid coatings

Are you looking for a way to apply coatings yourself?


The slip-resistant loading floor coating LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE® is a manually applied, highly elastic, abrasion-resistant, solvent-free floor coating on a 2-component plastic basis. The coating system consists of an adhesion promoter, the coating, suitable bedding material and the sealant. LOGIS-LaSi-SAFE® is used as a sound-absorbing, non-slip and wear-resistant coating for truck floors, cold store floors and dock levelers.

LOGIS-BRIDGE-COAT is a highly durable coating for bridges, eg pedestrian and bicycle bridges, made of aluminum, stainless steel or metal. LOGIS-BRIDGE-COAT is easy to apply, UV and weather resistant. The hard grain interspersion in the coating makes the surface permanently slip-resistant and highly abrasion-resistant. The surface has very good mechanical strength, the flooring can also be driven on.

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