The ergonomic floor at the workplace


Time is money: quickly laid


Not only superficial: adapts perfectly to any surface


No more sliding: meets the highest safety requirements


WinWinWin: Cheap to purchase, requires little storage space and has low transport costs


The ergonomic floor at the workplace. LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® as an ergonomic floor ensures work safety and comfort.


Wherever it is slippery and slippery, LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® ensures a safe and non-slip stand and minimises the risk of accidents.


LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® is tested by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA).

LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® is easy on the spine and joints when working in a standing position and prevents symptoms of fatigue. As a workstation floor, LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® offers innumerable possibilities for use, e.g. in bars, breweries, cold stores, car washes, workshops, in front of CNC processing machines, as well as in the commercial and private sectors.




  • Workshops
  • Production Halls
  • Sanitary containers
  • Agriculture
  • Gastronomy
  • Golf, sports and riding facilities

Product details and application




Perfect for inside and outside


LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® is perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The floor panels are cold-insulating, weatherproof, water-permeable and chemically resistant to a wide range of oils, fats, acids and alkalis. LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® is available in black and red. In the red version, LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® can be used to easily and reliably mark safety areas.

LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® – Optimal in the catering trade! LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® creates optimum comfort at standing workstations. The ergonomic floor relieves the spine and joints and thus prevents fatigue. It also offers slip resistance and cold insulating properties. Due to its low weight, LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® can be easily removed for cleaning work.

LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® – Increases safety in the workplace! Slip hazard on machines and workbenches is one of the most frequent causes of accidents at the workplace. Loss of working hours due to back and joint diseases are causing ever increasing costs for companies. LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® relieves both employee and employer. The slanted edge wedges prevent tripping hazards and enable easy passage with industrial trucks and trolleys.

LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use! LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® is cold-insulating, weatherproof and water-permeable as well as largely resistant to chemicals. By using wedges, the working area is accessible without barriers all around and does not form a trip hazard.

Integrated snap-on connectors and a low dead weight enable quick and easy installation of the LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® panels. LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® does not require any connection to the substrate. LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® is made of recycled or recyclable plastic. LOGIS-ERGO-GRIP® is available in black and red, other special colours are available on request. The specially developed LOGIS system pallets allow easy storage and safe transport. The system is supplied ready-made in 1m x 1m sheets.


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