Protects surfaces against wear and tear in all weather conditions


Time is money: very fast installation.


Not only superficial: Adapts optimally to any surface in the best possible way.


No more slipping: meets the highest safety requirements.


WinWinWin: affordable, requires little storage space and has low transportation costs

LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® Der ideale Schutz für Untergründe gegen Abnutzung bei allen Witterungsbedingungen – kurzfristig oder dauerhaft.


LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® adapts to the natural substrate and is therefore versatile, as permanent, temporary or mobile floor protection. Particularly suitable as barrier-free access to sandy beaches, as permanent or temporary lawn protection and meadow reinforcement. It is used for dyke construction, natural roadways and paths.

LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP®-Systems are roll goods, easy to lay, can be walked on immediately, some can be driven on and are slip-resistant. Access routes and mobile exhibition areas at events can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively with LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP®. LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® is the ideal protection in any weather, whether short-term or permanent.





LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® is ideal for large areas that need to be protected.


LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® Light reinforces and protects areas covered with grass from compaction, when loaded and from burrowing animals. LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® Light is supplied in rolls, is quick to install and easy to fix.


The turf is protected by the grid even under load and there are no muddy surfaces. The grass grows completely through the grid within a few weeks and the ground protection system is no longer visible, the natural grass surface is permanently preserved.




  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Lawns and meadows
  • Swimming pool areas
  • Nature trails
  • Playgrounds
  • Protection from burrowing animals (e.g. mole at golf course)

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LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® Flex perfect for paving the way at your events


LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® Flex is a high quality surface reinforcement mat developed using the proven oscillating design.


LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® Flex can be quickly and easily installed and fixed with plastic bolts or steel U-bolts. LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® Flex can also be laid out indoors (without fixation).




  • Sidewalks and paths
  • Turf reinforcement
  • Recreational areas (beach access, parks, picnic areas).
  • Event floors
  • Horse stables & boarding kennels
  • Flexible for use on contoured surfaces
  • Suitable for wheelchairs and strollers
  • Ideal for man and animal
  • Lets grass grow through the mesh openings
  • Reinforces the grass and provides a softer surface for falls




LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® Strong protects your lawn during events


LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® Strong is best for higher loads, such as grass parking lots, as access roads both permanent and temporary. The structure and material combination can absorb high loads and distribute them over the surface.


If the turf grid is installed permanently, the turf is protected, the turf grows through the grid structure and results in a 3-layer system, which is highly loadable and trafficable in the area. The soil underneath is no longer compacted. Washouts, erosion and the formation of muddy patches are thus a thing of the past. Lawns and meadows remain green even under constant stress.


LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® Strong is supplied in rolls in green. Simple fasteners allow for quick, large-area installation. It is also a cost-effective and flexible solution for accesses, driveways and path design in the event area. The load-bearing capacity of the soil is significantly improved, slip resistance is increased and recultivation costs are massively reduced.




  • Permanent floor protection
  • Temporary use
  • Golf courses
  • Equestrian
  • Access to event areas
  • Access roads for light vehicles
  • Lawn parking
  • Natural tracks on grass/meadow
  • Outdoor fairs
  • Bike and amusement parks
  • Visitor trails
  • Dike construction and embankments



LOGIS-PROTECT-GRIP® is suitable for indoor and outdoor use:


  • Particularly gentle on the lawn
  • Loadable and passable with light equipment / vehicles at short notice
  • Light, air, water permeable
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Fast installation

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