LOGIS GRIPS® Antigraffiti

Durable & transparent sealant for non-porous surfaces against graffiti with easy-to-clean effect.



  • Permanent protection
  • Seamless surface protection with proven long-term effect, significantly better than conventional graffiti protection agents
  • Tested for years and approved by Deutsche Bahn for the first time in 2012
  • Cost saving cleaning
  • Fast graffiti and dirt removal thanks to easy-to-clean effect
  • Easy application, short drying time
  • Sustainable efficiency
  • Preservation of the protective properties of the original paint system
  • Cost-effective color and gloss refreshing through renewed LOGIS GRIPS® Antigraffiti coating
  • Flexible application possibilities (e.g. buses, trucks, vans, freight and construction containers, etc.)
  • 1 Liter sufficient for aprx. 80 m²

The problem: Paint damage from graffiti and cleaner


Local trains, other vehicles and objects are often defaced with graffiti. High costs are unavoidable. For example, replacement vehicles must be provided, and possibly additional personnel for special cleaning. And a vicious circle begins:


  • Aggressive chemicals are used for graffiti removal, which attack the original paint – with every application.
  • Over time, the surface becomes porous and cracked


The consequence:


  • The substrate is no longer fully protected
  • Dirt particles settle in the paint damage and are difficult and impossible to remove completely.
  • The surface becomes unsightly over time


The removal of new graffiti is becoming increasingly difficult. Experience shows: After several graffiti removals, the paint surface is permanently damaged – resulting in a spiral of effort and costs due to more and more frequent cleanings up to premature repainting. Conventional graffiti protection products cannot change this, they do not provide lasting protection.

The solution: LOGIS GRIPS® Antigraffiti – Innovative anti graffiti protection with Easy-to-clean-Effect


Easy application:


The coating lays down like a transparent protective shield on the original paint and preserves it – demonstrably – reliably. LOGIS GRIPS® Antigraffiti is a durable anti-graffiti coating consisting of two components. Their surface behaves like a protective shield with a beading effect:


  • Die hoch vernetzte Oberflächenstruktur verhindert das Eindringen von Sprühlacken, Filzstiften, Permanentmarkern, Teerfarben etc
  • The easy-to-clean effect makes it easier and faster to wipe off graffiti, smears and all kinds of contamination
  • Corrosion protection and other properties of the original paint underneath the coating are retained


LOGIS GRIPS® Antigraffiti is suitable for metal and plastic surfaces and can be applied to the original paints using a simple wiping technique.


LOGIS GRIPS® Antigraffiti

Easy and fast processing:


Ground: The surface to be coated must be clean, grease-free and dry. Ground humidity < 5%

Application: As a protective layer for sensitive surfaces. Shake well before use! Use only in well-ventilated rooms! If necessary use respiratory protection!

Coating: Wear gloves, protective goggles, wipe surfaces with wetted microfiber cloth

Drying: Drying at room temperature or elevated temperature. Do not use below +5°C, up to a maximum of +25°C. The maximum surface temperature must not exceed 80°C
Processable up to 70 % rel. humidity. Touch resistant after 1 – 2 h. Fully dried after 24 h.

Cleaning the tools: With thinner 1000 Article no. 1-1000 immediately after use

Transport and storage: between +5°C to +30°C; protect from frost in unopened bottle shelf life at least 3 months from date of delivery

Disposal: Dry cloth and bottle can be disposed of with household waste. For large quantities: Waste code – No.: 080111 (Paint and varnish waste)

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