Highly wear-resistant anti-slip coating without adhesion promoter



Work safety – slip resistance R13!


High wear and surface protection


Corrosion protection


Can be walked on and driven over, even with industrial vehicles


Easy processing


LOGIS GRIPS® BridgeCoat is a highly durable, slip-resistant and easy-to-apply coating that can be applied directly without primer.


Due to the slip resistance class R13, the coating has the highest class with a very large static friction coefficient. This means: depending on the angle of inclination, a certain level of surefootedness must be provided. In this case, it means:


Angle of inclination more than 35° “very high static coefficient of friction” – whether for drive-over ramps, walkways, steel platforms or bridges, e.g. pedestrian and bicycle bridges, made of aluminum, stainless steel or metal, LOGIS GRIPS® BridgeCoat can be easily applied without much effort.

The hard grain interspersion in the coating makes the surface permanently slip-resistant and highly abrasion-resistant. The surface has very good mechanical strength, the flooring can also be driven on.


LOGIS GRIPS® BridgeCoat is tested and certified!

logis grips bridge coat


Easy and fast processing:


After sanding and thorough cleaning of the substrate, the LOGIS anti-slip coating is applied using a microfiber roller or toothed trowel, after which the hard aggregate is evenly sprinkled in. LOGIS GRIPS® BridgeCoat is fast-curing. The surface can be walked on after 2 hours and is fully mechanically loadable after 6 hours.


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Layer structure

Bridge coating


Loading ramp


  • R13 – anti-slip surface with hard grain interspersion
  • High wear and surface protection
  • Very high UV and weather resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Liquid-tight in the bond to the substructure
  • Time saving due to fast curing bedding layer and sealer
  • Fast, simple application
  • For aluminum or metal substrates

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