Innovative anti-slip coating for lightweight construction and metal bridges



Pedestrian/bike bridges made of aluminum, metal or stainless steel




Crossing ramps in logistics centers




Coating of steel platforms

LOGIS-Bridge-Coat is a highly durable coating for bridges, e.g. pedestrian and bicycle bridges, made of aluminum, stainless steel or metal. LOGIS-Bridge-Coat is easy to apply, UV and weather resistant.

The hard grit dispersion in the coating makes the surface permanently slip-proof and is highly abrasion-resistant. The surface is mechanically very well loadable, the floor covering can also be driven on.


LOGIS-Bridge-Coat is tested and certified by: DGUV and 3G European Competence Center Load Securing.

LOGIS-Bridge-Coat in detail


Easy and fast processing:


After sanding the substrate, the LOGIS primer is applied with a microfibre roller, followed by the anti-slip LOGIS coating including hard grain dispersion, also with a roller or toothed spatula.


In a third work step the coating is applied again without hard grain. LOGIS-Bridge-Coat is fast curing.


Afterwards, the surface can be walked on after 2 hours and is fully mechanically loadable after 6 hours.

Layer build-up

LOGIS-Bridge-detail 2

Detail view of bridge coating

logis bridge coat anwendung

Complete view of bridge coating


  • Slip-resistant surface with hard grain scattering
  • Low wear with high slip resistance
  • Very high UV and weathering resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Liquid-tight in connection with the substructure
  • Time saving through fast curing bedding and sealing
  • Quick and easy installation
  • For aluminum or metal substrates

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