logis grips silence Antidrumming Sound-absorbant


Silencer steel plate for crossing ramps


Your business advantage: loading times around the clock without any nuisance to residents.


Noise reduction: reduces noise by approx. 85%, which corresponds to 25 dB


No more slipping: improvement of the anti-slip function from the surface to R10. Thus fulfills the highest safety requirements.


Installation in no time at all: For self-installation or by our service partners on site and usually ready for use again after 1 hour.

LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE – The latest generation of anti-drumming coatings!


The silencer for your loading and drive over ramps. This is exactly what the revolutionary LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE technology is all about. Once screwed on, the noise is reduced by approx. 85 percent, i.e. 25 dB.


Loading and unloading noise is a disturbing source of noise – and is also perceived as deliberately disturbing by the public. Studies have shown that constant noise pollution makes people ill.


The Dutch “PIEK regulation”, for example, only allows trucks with over 65 decibels (dB) to enter the city center between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., and trucks with 60-65 dB are only allowed to load and unload until 11 p.m. However, since this is not compatible with the just-in-time just-in-sequence development of 24-hour delivery, transport and logistics companies must increasingly do something about this noise pollution.

With LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE we have the only solution with 85% noise reduction for loading and drive-over ramps – which in this case provides a clear competitive advantage.


100% Made in Germany: LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE are manufactured fully automatically in quality assured processes in Germany and certified by DEKRA and …

Grips® Silence komplettset

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Full service offer incl. assembly on site


Complete set


  • Our full service offer including on-site installation by our certified service staff.
  • Anti-slip and anti-drumming steel plate for noise insulation measures on drive-over ramps as renovation or as original equipment.
  • The ordered goods including all materials for installation are delivered free of charge.
  • The LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE is individually cut to size on site and mounted on the loading platform.
  • The total duration of the installation is approx. 1 hour per ramp, the loading ramp is then immediately ready for use again.
  • Maintenance and spare parts are included on request.

LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE  Anti-drumming panel

1000 x 2000 mm or 1000 x 2500 mm


LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE made of steel



  • Anti-slip and anti-drumming steel plate for noise reduction measures on drive-over ramps as renovation or as original equipment.
  • Very high sound insulation up to 25 dBA, corresponds to a noise reduction of 85%.
  • LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE: combines a high coefficient of friction with a high R-Class, even in the wet. DEKRA-tested coefficient of friction in wet conditions > 0.90μD, slip class R10.
  • High elasticity and good adhesion on rough surfaces.
  • Easy and fast workability without curing time; approx. 1 hour per drive-over ramp.
  • High load capacity and ageing resistance.
  • Unlimited processing temperature.
  • Dekra-tested quality according to VDI 2700, sheet 14. Slip resistance tested according to DIN 51130.


Everything for self assembly



  • Contains everything you need for self-assembly of LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE.
  • Consists of fixing materials for panels and aluminum wedges, a countersink, drills and thread-forming screws for mounting a silencer on the desired loading ramp.


Collision protection for the plates


  • The aluminum wedge is mounted on the edges of the silencer plate and creates a barrier-free transition for loading personnel, forklift trucks, pallet trucks, etc. to the ramp floor.
  • The silencer plates are protected from damage by the wedge.
  • Solid aluminum profile: height 5mm / width 50mm / length 2500mm

LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE – Silencer for drive-over ramps.

Easy and quick to assemble!

logis grips siloence plus anwendung

Place the plates …

Drilling, lowering, screwing …

Attach the approach wedge …

logis grips silence plus anwendung

Ready to go!


Load at any time without noise with the silencer for your loading ramps. This is exactly what the revolutionary LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE technology is all about. Once screwed on, the noise is reduced by approx. 85 percent, i.e. 25 dB. This means earlier loading times in the morning and longer evenings for your business, without annoying residents by excessive noise pollution. In addition, the anti-slip function of the surface is increased to R10 and thus meets the highest safety requirements.


For self-installation or by our service partners on site in less than one hour per ramp! LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE is available ex works for each new drive-over ramp as well as a retrofit kit for your existing ramps.


LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE are manufactured fully automatically in quality assured processes in Germany. Your advantage is that the comprehensive certificates from TÜV and the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association regarding noise reduction and slip resistance can be adopted without further testing on site.

  • No more stress with the authorities: Expert opinion for noise reduction by 85% (25dB).
  • More flexible business: loading earlier in the morning and longer in the evening without the fear of disturbing residents with noise.
  • Carefree working: Your employees no longer have to wear hearing protection against noise.
  • Even in heavy rain: no more slipping.
  • No interference with the statics of the ramp.
  • Quality has top priority: highly resistant to weather, salt and chemicals.
  • Good and fast: quick screwing on site (approx. 1 h).
  • No exceptions: LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE available for all new docks.
  • Easy to re-order: available at any time as a retrofit kit for existing docks.
  • Individual and competent advice.


How are the plates attached? Can each drive-over ramp be retrofitted?

LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE sheets it in the dimensions 1,000 x 2,000 mm and 1,000 x 2,500 mm. The panels are cut to size on site using standard tools. This means that every drive-over ramp can be retrofitted. The plates are fixed to the plateau with screws. In order to avoid tripping hazards, wedges are placed at the edges of the ramp, which are also fixed with screws. 

Is the system certified?

Yes, LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE is certified All properties have been tested by various testing institutes for various properties. Of course we can send you the certificates. Please simply send us a message.

How wear-resistant is a LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE anti-drumming panel?

It depends on the frequency of use. When used properly, the LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE sheet is highly wear-resistant. The boards are also resistant to salts, oils, diesel and various chemicals. A resistance list as well as tests for wear and tear can be obtained from us. 

How long does the installation take? Can I install the panels myself?

The in-house facility manager can of course install the anti-drumming panels himself. Installation instructions are available in the LOGIS GRIPS® SILENCE installation kit. However, we recommend that you have an installation carried out by one of our regional installation partners. The installation time is usually 1 hour per drive-over ramp, which is then immediately ready for use again.

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