Antiviral Products


For the permanent protection of surfaces against enveloped viruses and bacteria.
Make >99.98% of all enveloped viruses such as Covid-19 and bacteria (also multi-resistant germs) harmless.

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lasiprofi Reinle Brangs + Heinrich Winterhalder GWS

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LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil

The transparent self-adhesive film for long-term protection of surfaces against enveloped viruses and bacteria.

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LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil Touchscreen

Protects touchscreen surfaces permanently against enveloped viruses and bacteria

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LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralsealantcloth

The antiviral and antibacterial sealing cloth

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LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil for door handles

PU 10 pieces/pack for 5 doors

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LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil for Push-to-open

For push drawers and other drawers. PU 5 pieces/pack

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verpackungsausschnitt antikeimkit

LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralkit

Customised kits for different applications/industries

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