LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralsealantcloth

The antiviral and antibacterial sealing cloth


The transparent, thin, bactericidal and virucidal protective layer against enveloped viruses and bacteria.
Particularly effective against corona, influenza and multi-resistant bacteria (MRSA)
Protects your customers and employees!


  • Seals surfaces and makes >99.98% of all enveloped viruses and bacteria harmless
  • Permanently reduces the risk of infection on surfaces
  • Easy to apply: Wipe the surface with the sealing cloth
  • Transparent, thin-layer, odourless, non-tangible lacquer
  • 20-30 minutes drying time
  • Shelf life up to one year
  • Effectiveness tested and confirmed by EUROVIR® Hygiene Laboratory
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested with VERY GOOD
  • The Original – Made in Germany


LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralsealantcloth is a new and user-friendly way of applying a transparent, thin, bactericidal and virucidal protective layer to surfaces that come into frequent contact with hands and cannot be covered with the LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil due to their nature. The antimicrobial agents contained prevent colonisation by enveloped viruses and bacteria and counteract their spread. In clinical tests, resistance to colonisation by envelope-carrying viruses of the Corona family has been proven. The excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials such as paints, varnishes, many plastics and metals without any special surface treatment enables broad antibacterial and viral protection to be provided on all surfaces in hygienically sensitive areas. Due to the low layer thicknesses of approx. 3 – 5 μm LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralsealantcloth is extremely economical and is sufficient for a handrail of 10m length, for example. The surfaces coated with LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralsealantcloth are characterised by very high hardness and scratch resistance and excellent cleanability.


Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use. Always read warnings before use.


Application fields:

Touchpoints of all kinds, such as:


  • Keyboards
  • Phone systems
  • Light switches
  • Switches of all kinds
  • Lifts
  • Door knobs
  • Vehicle interiors
  • Bathroom furniture
  • WC seats and flushes
  • Cash register conveyor belt (supermarket)
  • Handrails
  • Fitness studios

Protects ATM keyboards against enveloped viruses and bacteria


Viruses can adhere to surfaces for several days and spread infections quickly


Transparent, thin protective layer reduces the risk of infection

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