LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil


The transparent, self-adhesive film for permanent protection of surfaces against enveloped viruses and bacteria.

Particularly effective against corona, influenza and multi-resistant bacteria (MRSA), among others.

Protects your customers and employees!

The Original – Made in Germany


Protects surfaces permanently against enveloped viruses and bacteria


Reduces the risk of infection


Transparent, self-adhesive foil


Easy to apply, even on uneven surfaces and handles (e.g. doors)


Shelf life up to one year


Efficacy tested and confirmed by EUROVIR® Hygiene Laboratory


Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed with “excellent”


Protect your employees and customers permanently against enveloped viruses and bacteria!


Employees and customers come into contact with different surfaces. Viruses can adhere to these surfaces for several days and spread infections through touch. Permanently reduce this risk of infection with LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil.


LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil is a transparent self-adhesive film for long-term protection of surfaces against enveloped viruses and bacteria. The application of the film seals the surface and renders >99% of all enveloped viruses such as covid-19 and influenza, as well as bacteria (including multi-resistant germs) harmless. Once applied, the film protects the surface for up to one year, depending on the stress.

It can be easily applied to both smooth and three-dimensional surfaces. Regular cleaning of the surface has a positive effect on effectiveness and durability The effectiveness has been tested and confirmed by the Eurovir® hygiene laboratory. The skin compatibility was confirmed in dermatological tests by Dermatest® with “EXCELLENT”.


The LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil is “Made in Germany” and is produced under the highest quality standards. It is registered by law as an occupational safety product with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Stickers are available to communicate the use of the LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil, which visibly show your employees and customers that the foil protects the surface.


LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil is available in different roll sizes for different surfaces and as pads for door handles and small surfaces (8x10cm, pack size: 10 pieces). Special sizes are available on request.


Folie_GRIPS LOGIS Antikeimfolie

LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil

The innovative antimicrobial film for almost all surfaces




  • Acts like a protective shield
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Shelf life up to one year
  • Efficacy clinically tested
  • Tested by Eurovir® Hygiene-Laboratory
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested with EXCELLENT
  • Easy to stick
  • Absolutely clear, thus not interfering with the surface appearance
  • The original – Made in Germany, safe and tested



Use biocidal products carefully. Always read label and product information before use. Observe warning notices.

>Important notices




Advantages of GRIPS Antiviralfoil over liquid disinfectants:



  • The best durable protection for high traffic contact surfaces, such as (door) handles, table and cabinet surfaces. iquid disinfectants must be reapplied after each contact – this is virtually impossible and error-prone!


  • Time and cost savings: Once applied, GRIPS Antiviralfoil protects for up to one year and does not incur any running costs. Liquid disinfectants must be reapplied after each contact = high material and personnel costs!


  • No side effects – dermathologically confirmed. Liquid disinfectants can permanently damage skin and lungs!


  • No unpleasant smell.


  • Surfaces are additionally protected by the film. The constant application of liquid disinfectants wears down the surfaces!


  • Permanent protection and labeling with GRIPS Antiviral stickers creates trust and awareness among customers and employees.

Areas of application for LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil

All surfaces with which customers, employees or goods come into contact


  • Retail:shopping cart handles, door contacts (e.g. refrigerated shelves), shelves, warehouses
  • Public transport: stop bars and handles
  • Airplanes and train: folding tables, trolleys, transport boxes, security check.
  • Handrail:escalators, stair railings
  • Transport & logistics: parcel delivery, courier services
  • Facilities: Shelves, drawers, transport boxes, cabinets, warehouse
  • Traysand transport tables
  • Tables and surfaces
  • Rental bikes, e-scooter handles
  • Pews,Confessionals

Stickers are also available to inform customers and employees about the additional protection. This can be used for excellent communication to support production and sales.


Protect employees and customers against enveloped viruses and bacteria


Viruses can adhere to surfaces for several days and spread infections quickly


Transparent self-adhesive film, reduces the risk of infection


Easy to apply, even on uneven surfaces and handles (e.g. doors)


Protects surfaces permanently against enveloped viruses and bacteria


Shelf life up to one year – efficacy tested by EUROVIR® Hygiene Laboratory


3G Hotel, Fulda


L & D Stylisten, München


MFORM, München


Forklift handrail


Banki Juweliere, Nürnberg


Althoff Seehotel Überfahrt, Tegernsee


What is the effect of LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil?

LOGIS GRIPS® antimicrobial film has a triple effect on the surface: pore tightness seals the surface, surface tension prevents the adhesion of viruses and bacteria and the effect kills viruses and bacteria.

The film is transparent - how will my customers and staff know that protection is in place?

Stickers are available to let your customers know that their objects are protected from viruses and bacteria by LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil. The stickers are available for objects as well as for your entrance door.

Where does it make sense to use LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil?

It makes most sense on surfaces where many people come together or surfaces that are touched by many people, e.g. door handles.

How do I apply LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil correctly?

  1. Unpack the film, measure the area to be covered, cut the film to size.
  2. Thoroughly clean the surface to be pasted with a damp cloth and allow to dry.
  3. Detach a piece of the adhesive foil from the backing paper and fold the backing paper back a little.
  4. Fix the adhesive foil on one side at the corners and press a thin strip on the edge so that the adhesive foil adheres. (For uneven or round surfaces, immediately peel off the film completely, apply evenly and smooth).
  5. When applying to flat surfaces, wipe over the adhesive film with a squeegee from top to bottom as you continue to detach the backing paper from the adhesive film. Continue with even pressure movements until the film is completely adhered to the substrate.

Do I need to use additional disinfectant?

No. No additional disinfectant needs to be used. However, regular cleaning of the surface has a positive effect on the durability.

What is the compatibility of the Antiviralfoil?

LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil has been dermatologically tested for skin compatibility with EXCELLENT.

How should LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil be stored?

It is best to store it away from light and not near a heater. Do not store within reach of children.

How long is LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil effective?

The effectiveness is up to one year. Depending on the use, it is recommended to replace it after 6 months. A simple test can be carried out by yourself in between. Test the surface tension with water: If drops form, this is still present and the film is intact. Test of pore tightness with permanent marker: If the applied paint of the permanent marker can be completely removed with cleaning agent containing alcohol, the film is intact.

What do I have to bear in mind when applying LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil?

The surface should be clean and free of grease and dust. Watch out for air bubbles. It is advisable to always use a squeegee with a felt edge.

Is the system certified?

Yes, LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil is certified. Its properties have been tested by various test institutes.

Is it possible to remove LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil without leaving any residue, or how is residue removed?

Yes. If adhesive residues remain, they can be removed with a weak organic solvent.

In which sizes is LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil available?

  • 0,45 x 10m Roll
  • 0,90 x 10m Roll
  • 1,37 x 10m Roll
  • Door handle format 10 x 8cm
  • Push to Open format 16 x 8cm
  • DINA4 Format
  • Special sizes (on request)

Is LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil suitable for any surface?

LOGIS GRIPS® Antiviralfoil can be applied to almost any surface. Textiles, leather and other textile-like materials as well as skin and hair should be avoided.

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