Floor Systems. The inexpensive and fast solution – especially for renovations.


  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Without surface preparation
  • Immediately usable
  • All-round interlocking
  • Durable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Fire protection B1
  • 100% recyclable
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Low cost


LOGIS GRIPS® Universal ECO can be used to fix surfaces that are not or only very rarely driven on.


The Universal ECO mat can be used on both sides according to the intended use and is also suitable for the fastening of highly frequented paths with an appropriate substructure. If the open side of the Universal Mat is laid upwards, the mat should be backfilled. Depending on the area and purpose of use, chippings, washed gravel, turf gravel or topsoil are suitable for this purpose. When using crushed grass or topsoil, the sown lawn is protected by the structure of the mat and can thus withstand even greater loads.

The interlocking of the Universal ECO mat creates a tight bond from which the mats can only be removed from the edge. The middle mats cannot be removed, which makes it impossible for individual mats to stand up or be scraped up. The forces acting on the mats are distributed over large areas due to the special interlocking. This protects the subfloor and prevents individual mats from sinking in. The trafficability of the mats depends on the condition of the subfloor. The mats are laid by pushing in the individual mats from the side.


Areas of application: Paddocks, animal runs, feeding places on pastures, gardening and landscaping, construction industry, parking lots, roadside pavement.

Technische Data:


Length deck area: 74.00 cm (78.50 cm total)

Width deck surface: 54.00 cm (59.00 cm total)

Height: 5,30 cm

Weight: approx. 7,5 kg

Usable area: approx. 0.4 m²

Hole diameter: 24 mm

Number of holes: 54 pieces

Open area: 0,024 m² ≙ 6,11 %.

Material: PVC recyclate with fiber reinforcement

Field of application: paddocks, feeding areas on pastures, garden and farm paths, side strip paving, temporary paths, parking areas


Installation: The ECO universal mat can be laid on both sides. The easiest way is to lay one row after the other, always nesting the latest row after the other. When laying with the top surface facing upwards, it is advisable to use a paved subfloor; for temporary use, a GRK3 fleece may be sufficient.

When laying with the honeycombs facing upwards, a substructure is not necessarily required, depending on the load.


Notes: For areas that are frequently used or driven on by heavy vehicles, we recommend the use of the “Premium” universal mat.

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