LOGIS GRIPS® Industrialfloor

For existing facilities or conversion of other facilities for temporary use



Very quick and easy installation (loose) due to large format tiles with dovetail profile


Protecsol®2 surface coating for easy cleaning and maintenance


Can also be laid on existing old substrates and subfloors with residual moisture


Can be walked on immediately after installation


Easy replacement of even single tiles


The Original – Made in Germany!


LOGIS GRIPS® Industrialfloor is the efficient solution for a floor in facilities that needs to be laid quickly and easily. The floor is particularly suitable for redesigning existing facilities for temporary purposes, such as hotels, exhibition or sports halls.


LOGIS GRIPS® Industrialfloor is extremely resilient and can be laid in all areas where, for example, industrial trucks are used.

Without interruption of activity: a 2-man team lays 200m² in approx. 8 hours. Clean laying: no glue, no dust. Quick loose laying. No downtime.


Comfortable and safe: improved walking noise by 19 dB and increased slip resistance – R10.


Durable: highly compacted, double grouting with over 3000 t, 1 mm thick single-layer homogeneous wear layer and surface finish for easy cleaning.


LOGIS GRIPS® Industrialfloor

The fast solution for efficient floor design

  • elastic vinyl floor covering according to ISO 10582
  • heterogeneous, antistatic with homogeneous single-layer wear layer
  • non-directional, small grain design with structured surface
  • CE marking available
  • fully recyclable and made from 80% in-house recycled material, all ingredients REACH compliant
  • Emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) of <10 µg/m³ after 28 days according to EN 16000-6
  • suitable for chair castors EN 12529 type W
  • reinforced with double glass fibre mesh reinforcement
  • with dovetail profile for quick and easy installation
  • with a permanent UV-cured PROTECSOL®2 surface coating for particularly advantageous cleaning and care properties
  • deliver and lay loosely on a subfloor prepared in accordance with DIN 18365, as recommended by the floor covering manufacturer
  • the first row of tiles in the entrance area must be glued according to the instructions of the floor covering manufacturer and the adhesive manufacturer

LOGIS GRIPS® Industrialfloor


Technical data


  • Stress class Application area: ISO 10874 – classes 34, 43
  • Total thickness: ISO 24346 – 5.0 mm
  • Useful layer thickness: ISO 24340 – 1.0 mm
  • Basis weight: ISO 23997 – 7,460 g/m²
  • Binder content: ISO 10582 – Type I
  • Residual impression: ISO 24343-1 – ≤ 0.10 mm
  • Dimensional stability: ISO 23999 – ≤ 0,25 % 0,25
  • Thermal conductivity: ISO 10456 – 0.25 W/(mK)
  • Fire behaviour: EN 13501-1 – Bfl-s1
  • Foot traffic charging: EN 1815 – < 2 kV
  • Slip resistance: DIN 51130 / BGR 181 – R10
  • Lightfastness: EN ISO 105 B02 – level ≥ 6
  • Exposure to chemicals: EN 423 / ISO 26987 – very good resistance*
  • Tile dimensions: 635 x 635 mm

* Resistant to non-staining alcohol-based hand disinfectants, household chemicals and diluted acids and alkalis when exposed for short periods of time


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