All-in-one disinfectant solution for hand and surface cleaning


» Moist disinfecting wipes protect safely and are effective against viruses such as the Corona virus SARS CoV 2, noroviruses and against bacteria and fungi.


» Efficient with a broad spectrum of effects


» Universally applicable for hands, devices and surfaces


» Gentle on surfaces, even acrylic glass, as without alcohol


» No streaks on displays due to optimal humidification


» Mild and compatible for users


» Skin compatibility confirmed by experts


» Made from 100% cellulose without plastic additives and are therefore recyclable and compostable


» NO special waste treatment necessary!


» Environmentally friendly


» Cost-effective and easy to use compared to conventional cleaning solutions (spray bottles/paper wipes).


» Stylish noble design that can be individualised with logo!


The LOGIS GRIPS® Hygienestation is made of stainless steel and available in silver or black with an “anti-finger-print” coating.


The desinfektion column is a high-quality desinfektion system, that combines individual components such as spray bottle, paper and waste bin. At the same time, it supports a high-class ambience of your premises and equips them perfectly in terms of hygiene.


It blends ideally into any area of your rooms visually and enhances unsightly cleaning corners. Hidden under the sturdy stainless steel cover is an easily replaceable container, that holds the moist disinfectant wipes, which are pre-perforated for easy removal. They remain moist in the container and are removed individually via a rubber lip. This prevents the disinfection wipes from drying out, so that your patients, members or customers can use the wipes over the entire filling quantity for equipment disinfection or surface disinfection and hand disinfection.


For direct disposal of the wipes, an easily removable container is integrated at the bottom of the disinfection station.


The germicidal, antibacterial and antiviral disinfecting wipe is made of 100% cellulose. It is biodegradable, tear-resistant and thin at the same time. It offers an economical solution for all areas of application where the wipe is used as a disinfection option. The hygiene wipes are suitable for hand disinfection and surface disinfection or for disinfecting the workplace. Whether in the entrance area of a practice or in the fitness area, the column can be integrated into any spatial area.


The LOGIS GRIPS® Hygienestation with integrated disinfection dispenser for disinfectant wipes for hand hygiene and surface disinfection at the workplace and waste bin. The disinfection station is made of stainless steel and can be easily integrated into any room thanks to its discreet appearance.


Whether in the entrance area of a practice, in the fitness area, in a hotel or in the entrance area of companies and offices, the column fits into every scenario



Individual labelling possible.



Antiviral and antibacterial disinfectant wipes ready for use soaked with cleaning solution.


Extra large wipes 23 cm x 25 cm.


– protects equipment and surfaces, even acrylic glass
– disinfect hands, surfaces and objects
– mild and (skin) compatible for the users
– are efficient with a broad spectrum of effects
– safe protection against infections
– effective against bacteria and fungi
– universally applicable for disinfecting surface cleaning


The disinfection wet wipes are particularly environmentally friendly as they are made of 100% cellulose and contain no plastics.

They can simply be disposed of with household waste.


Ingredients of the desinfectant liquid:

Benzalkonium chloride, didecyldimethylammonium chloride and polyaminopropyl biguanide, ingredients according to detergent regulation.

EG 648/20004: Disinfectant.

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