The mobile disinfectant dispenser for the wrist!
Disinfect hands the easy and simple way. Always and everywhere.





» always & everywhere just a flick of the wrist away


» quick & easy in any everyday situation


» light & fashionable everyday helper


» water-based disinfectant in 4 fragrances


» Made in Germany




The LOGIS GRIPS® Cleanbrace is a sustainable and mobile solution for everyday hand hygiene.


The Cleanbrace contains disinfectant for 6 – 8 applications and best of all: it can be easily refilled with the refiller supplied. This not only keeps your hands clean, but also our environment!


Whether shopping while travelling or at work, the wristband conveniently and reliably supplies disinfectant. Always and everywhere where everyday life takes you.

The refiller filled with disinfectant is inserted with the tip into the valve opening. The tank of the Cleanbrace fills up with a light pumping motion. As soon as the tank is completely filled, the refiller can be pulled out of the valve opening.


To use, put the wristband on your wrist and press the tank with your thumb. Now you get a desired amount of disinfectant for mobile hand disinfection through the valve.


Individual labelling possible.



The disinfectant “Made in Germany” stands for quality and effectiveness in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Our formula, awarded the dermatest guarantee and the grade “excellent”, is particularly suitable for protecting the whole family. Unlike alcohol-based disinfectants, our water-based disinfectant does not dry out the hands.


• 150 ml bottle
• hand and surface desinfection
• water-based
• pH neutral
• Made in Germany
• contains per 100 g
– 0,20 g Hypochlorous acid
– 0,03 g Silver nitrate


BAUA Nr.: N 95450


4 x Cleanbrace scented disinfectant:


Calm Forest: the gentle scent of cedarwood & orange

Crazy Berry: the fruity note of wild berries

Fresh Lemon: the vitalising freshness of lemons

Wild Ocean: the invigorating breath of a sea breeze

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